Boxing Day party: naf-naf Xmas sweaters

Effenaar commemorates victims attack Manchester

On Boxing Day, a special party takes place at the “Effenaar” in Eindhoven. The theme of this party: naf-naf, not cool, totally wrong, most absurd, just awful Xmas sweaters.

Obviously, all visitors of this special “Foute Kersttruien Party” should wear their most horrid Christmas sweaters. Though turning up wearing an awful Christmas sweater at this Boxing Day party is not obligatory. The organisation stresses sporting a dreadful Xmas sweater or jumper is “Not mandatory; but such fun!”

The line-up for this evening which starts at 22.00 and ends around 04.00:
Zanger Kafke
Dansado & De Feestneger
It all started in the nineties
DJ Jantje
Zanger Bas
Pluk van de Partyflat

Pre-sale tickets cost €12.50; more info: Effenaar Agenda

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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