English phone booth as ‘smile factor’

English phone booth as 'smile factor'

An English telephone booth in the middle of the Eindhoven 18 Septemberplein, where the telephone starts ringing spontaneously.

Many passersby were surprised, and were only too curious. What is that thing doing there?

It is a project of collective Magical Daydream, which tries to elicit a cheerful look or laugh from unsuspecting people in Eindhoven. ‘We try to cheer people up with this. To create a spontaneous moment or strong story so that people will tell you about it at home ‘, says Marielle van Aart-Coppes of Magical Daydream.

The project is part of the ‘smile factor projects’ of the municipality of Eindhoven. With ‘interventions in the public space’ passersby should be cheered up. Previously there were, for example. balloon trees in the city, texts that only appear when it rains and the Dommel tunnel was brightened up with the ‘Silly Walks’ by British comedian John Cleese.

Source: Studio040

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