Airport’s air traffic management: work pressure causes safety risks

Work pressure at the Royal Netherlands Air Force air traffic control also poses a safety risk for Eindhoven Airport.

Air traffic controllers told this to the Dutch Broadcast Foundation NOS.

The number of air traffic controllers remained the same, while the number of civilian flights greatly increased, they say. The work load and pressure increased for the air traffic controllers.

From its very start, Eindhoven has been a military airbase. Only much later did civilian flights start using Eindhoven Airport.

Until recently, night shifts for example lasted eleven hours. The air traffic controller in charge and working night shifts had to direct the first civilian flights taking off from Eindhoven Airport in the early hours of the morning as well.

This situation has recently been solved by having colleagues from other radar stations direct night flights during a couple of evening hours.

Dangerous situations apparently did not occur – yet. However, according to the controllers who spoke with NOS, it is only a matter of time. Risks are being taken.


Source: Studio 040

Tanslator: Kate

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