Game on an arcade cabinet, by paying with residual waste

Game on an arcade cabinet, by paying with residual waste

Gaming with the help of waste. It can now be done at the Eindhoven station. There is an arcade cabinet that you can play on when by throwing in an empty can of plastic. It makes waiting for the train more fun and it is better for the environment.

The idea comes from the Eindhoven company E-Waste Arcades. They came up with the idea because organizations like the NS want to promote the separation of waste. But separating waste into various containers is not a fun activity. “So we’ve figured out something that makes it fun,” said Timmy de Vos of E-Waste Arcades.

The NS embraces the idea. It is good for waste separation and awareness among travelers to contribute to a better environment. This also makes the waiting for the train more fun.

Not only does the game machine assist in the separation of waste. The production of the cabinets is also sustainable. For example, E-Waste Arcades slot machines are fully built from recycled electronic devices. Transport of the cabinets to the station is also sustainable: with electric transport.

If it was up to the creators, the arcade cabinets should be placed at schools, shopping malls and other stations in the nearby future.

Source: Studio040

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