First lynx born in Dierenrijk

First lynx born in Dierenrijk

In Dierenrijk Nuenen a lynx has been born. It’s a female. The lynx was born a couple of days ago, but now she shows herself more often.

It’s the first time that a lynx has been born in the Nuenen zoo. Dierenrijk (Animal kingdom) is open for name suggestions.

Mother Anne takes care of the upbringing of the cub. That is common with lynxes. Father Bob is little involved in this. The nursing period takes about two to five months. During that time, the cub stays in the nest. After about twelve months, the lynx can take care of herself.

Lynxes live and hunt alone in the wild. In their habitat in Europe, lynxes together with the wolf and brown bear are the largest predators. Although they are not much larger than a shepherd dog, they not only hunt for small prey animals such as hares and birds, but also on roes and larger deer species.

Source: Studio040

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