Revenge for PSV’s Women in Cup Final against Ajax

PSV’s women’s team lost their last competition match at home against Ajax, last Friday. Direct opponent ADO also lost, so PSV finishes on a third position. This week is about preparing for the Cup finals against the same opponent, coming Friday in Den Haag.

Coach Nebojša Vuckovic mentioned earlier on that he would use the last competition games mainly to prepare for the Cup finals. Since they haven’t won any of the matches against the bigger opponents, one can wonder if those preparations has brought any self confidence to the ladies’ selection. The gap between Ajax and PSV is not less than 18 points, the goal difference between both teams is 17.

Vuckovic gave a flower bouquet to Ajax’ captain Daphne Koster (36), to congratulate her with the championship. She and her teammate Anouk Hoogendijk (32) have decided to quit their careers as professional footballers after this season, so surely wanted to win this match. However, both teams started sloppy and Ajax only created some chances to due the speed of Marlous Pieëte. The first two goals were defense mistakes and Annerens Tijm didn’t look good on both occasions. PSV created two big chances, but Vanessa Susanna wasn’t able to convert them into goals. Even after a red card for Ana Romero Moreno, Eindhoven’s ladies couldn’t force Ajax to lose control and the last chance to score the connection goal was left unused by Nouwen, who kicked the ball widely over the goal.

Vuckovic however says to be proud of his girls and didn’t blame them. He said they gave their best and that this season was ‘just’ not it. Now all time and energy goes into the last preparations for the Cup finals, coming Friday. PSV lost their first Cup final in 2014 against Ajax and have now double reasons to write history this time.

The Cup final takes place at the Kyocera stadium in Den Haag, coming Friday at 19:30h. Tickets cost €7,50 and are still available through this link.


Written for Eindhoven News by Joey.

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