Sometimes you can’t “Just Do It” – My Klokgebouwloop Defeat

I’d been housebound with my sick kids for more than two weeks. Cabin fever had set in but then the haze finally lifted, and I felt that sweet sense of relief as I sent them back to school, happy and healthy. What I discovered a few days later, however, was that my thoughtful children had shared their illness with me. Fever? Check. Incessant cough? Check. Tummy bug? Check. This was not the sharing I was hoping for, and definitely not the best timing.

I was registered for the Klokgebouwloop – an event I’d been looking forward to since I’d read a review of it last year. I love doing fun runs, and this one looked especially fun! Participants go through, up and down one of Eindhoven’s most iconic and recognizable buildings, the Klokgebouw. That means stairs, and lots of them.
There were three choices: 1.8km with 672 stairs; 4.5km with 1680; or 6.3km with 2352. I had opted for the least number of stairs, which was open to anyone 6 years and older.

Saturday rolled around and I could hardly drag myself out of bed. I scoured Dr Google and drank bucket loads of water, delusional, and trying to convince myself that I’d be fine the following day.

I wasn’t. I had to admit defeat. There’d be no Klokgebouwloop for me this year.

All that rest and hydration had done some good though, so with the sun shining, and the sound of a samba band in the distance, I wandered over to where the healthy runners were enjoying those stairs. The inside of the Klokgebouw was completely decked out with green and white balloons and the DJ was spinning some great tunes. There were runners warming up and spectators tooting their horns. The start times were staggered so there’d be no traffic jams on the stairwells, and it was quite a treat to listen to the guys announcing each start time. There was definitely fun in this run.

Walking back home I felt a tinge of regret at not being able to join in. I wondered if it really would have mattered if I had run it, despite being a bit ill? So I consulted Health and Wellness Coach, Roxanne Collimore, who also happens to be my sister! She gave me this advice, which is well worth sharing.

If you have a general cold, scale back your regular training regime to a lower impact. Go for a walk instead of a run, for example.
If you have anything that affects your breathing, don’t train at all as it can worsen your illness and delay your recovery. Wait until the worst is over, then slowly work your way back up to your normal training.
Tummy bugs/ viruses can dehydrate you and that is a big no-no for any kind of training!
Rest and rehydration are essential for recovery, so listen to your body and take things slowly.

Although I’m disappointed about missing my event, there’s always next year.
And yes, my big sister is right. This time.


Lenise is writing articles on Sport and Exercise in Eindhoven for Eindhoven News regularly. Her go to exercise is running, because "I can do it anytime, anywhere, and in any climate, but I am also a fan of bootcamp and Pilates. Sport has always played a huge part in my life and having lived in a number of countries, I think it’s the best way to get to know some locals, get rid of the occasional stress of living abroad and to feel fantastic – physically and mentally!"

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