Do you believe your dreams can come true-

I hope you enjoyed my first article for Eindhoven News, because now I would like to share with you how beautiful it is to follow your dreams!

Have you ever experienced an unexpected help while you were facing a difficulty? And that you can succeed and accomplish your goals, when you trust your inner-self and your surroundings to listen to all the messages you receive from it?

More than ever before, I start to realize that we can follow our dreams and fulfill our destiny.

And the destiny I am talking about, it is not something that somebody else compels us to achieve, but I like to define it as "do what you like and you will be happy and successful in your life".
State your goals asking yourself what you really want and let them happen thanks to an open heart ready to receive what you have asked for.
It is like swimming in a river, when you follow the flow of the water you will arrive much further and you will enjoy the swim more instead of going against the current.

Please do not misunderstand my words, I am not encouraging you to leave your current job, but yes please ask yourself if the life you are living is really what you choose for in your life and if you are happy with it.
Because it is wonderful to see that nowadays more and more people work, not only to pay the rent or to buy something to eat, but also to accomplish their dreams. Instead of letting them be "just dreams", as a beautiful painting on the wall, let them become your way of living.
Have you ever read about: "Happiness is not your destination, but the companion of your everyday journey"?
Well it is the same with your dreams…
All we need to do is to stop to postpone them, because of thousands excuses that we create, and let’s start to live the life we are here for.
Have you ever said to yourself: I will do it later, tomorrow or in the weekend…
And has this later or tomorrow ever arrived?

I experienced this too, but from the moment I stopped postponing and I began to move in the direction of my heart and of what makes me feel alive, magic started to happen and I found myself surrounded by happiness, love and a lot of people like me.

To better understand my words, I would like to share with you a story.
I grew up with the need to be loved and accepted as the majority of us. All of my life I did my best to do everything everybody was expecting from me. One day I realized I was walking on a road that somebody else chose for me. It was not a very good feeling and it was like the life I was living was not mine.
Coincidence or not, in the same period I went to visit my family in Rome and during my trip, I stepped into one of my favorite places, as I always do, a bookstore. While I was wandering around looking for something to buy, a book attracted my attention, the title was: "Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Living the Wisdom of the Tao" written by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
I took it in my hands and I felt good immediately. I bought it and brought it back to the Netherlands, where I started to read it. Every day one chapter. Slowly and deeply, to absorb the beauty of the book and the wisdom in it.
Wayne Dyer wrote this book to help us to understand the message of the "Tao Te Ching", 81 chapters written more than 2500 years ago in Cina.
As much as Wayne Dyer could not stop himself from writing his book, I felt – while I was reading it – that it was very sad that my 10-year-old son had to wait to be an adult like me, before he could read the beautiful message of the Tao Te Ching. As every loving mother I could not accept this. Why my child, as many others, has to wait so long before they can breathe in this wisdom?
I felt uncomfortable with these thoughts; a strong feeling and idea was arising from my heart: I will write a story! I will write a book in which, mothers and fathers with their children will be able to read the wisdom for a better life. And it will also be a beautiful moment for us as parents to give a special goodnight to our children.

That’s how and why "Rainbow Reef Adventures" was born. As a gentle underwater fairytale, a family of "humans" – which decided to leave all the comforts of the civil world behind – went to live on a small island in the middle of the Ocean. And there, in that spot of paradise, they started to have incredible encounters with all the underwater inhabitants of the Rainbow Reef.

I do not even know how one day the book was ready. I only know that every day, after reading one chapter of the Tao Te Ching, I was letting my hands move free on the keyboard writing a unique and incredible story. After five months, the book was ready.
When my Italian publisher received the manuscript, he finished reading it, the same night.
In the morning at 10 am he called me and immediately said: "Alessia, you kept me awake all night!"
First I could not understand his words and I was also very surprised to hear from him so soon. But then he finished his sentence with: "Before the end of the day you will receive a proposal to publish your book with me!"

Now, coming back to my question: "Do you believe your dreams can come true?" I will surely answer: "Yes, I do!" And we all should!

One last thing: use your feelings to decode your truth, because as Doreen Virtue said: "they are the language of the soul".

With Love,

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