Máxima in Eindhoven

Making women economically independent is the goal ‘Kracht on Tour’ (Power on Tour) wants to achieve. It is an initiative taken by minister Jet Bussemaker in order to promote financial independency among women at a regional level. Yesterday, they were at the ‘Lichttoren’ and Queen Máxima was invited.

She discussed financial independency, the role the women can play themselves and what they can expect from the business community.

About half of women nationwide are not economically independent because they stop working or start working part-time when they get children. Seventy percent of the women end up alone because they are single, divorced or widowed. Still a third of the women who are in a relationship do not take any steps to secure their income when their partner disappears. Women can become financially independent by seeking employment, working more hours or starting their own business. It is in everybody’s best interest that women take an active role on the labour market, according to Bussemaker.

Local parties involved are to make concrete commitments during ‘Kracht on Tour’. They mainly focus on the position of female entrepreneurs. Among the participating parties are the municipality of Eindhoven, Philips and the TU/e.

Source: Studio040

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