New Mayor: ‘Son and Breugel suits us’

New Mayor of Son en Breugel Suzanne Otters-Bruijnen
Photo credit: Rijksoverheid/Studio040

A fresh wind is blowing through Son en Breugel since new Mayor Suzanne Otters-Bruijnen took office. Soon she will move from Vught with her husband and four children  to settle in her new municipality.

Suzanne Otters-Bruijnen is the successor to Hans Gailard who was Mayor of Son en Breugel for the past twenty years. Both VVD politicians, but Otters-Bruijnen does have a different style. “My focus is also on women in top positions. I want to set an example for other women and girls, to show how they can develop. I am also focused on young people, just like the city council, I want to involve young people in decision making”. The latter will sometimes be quite a challenge, since there are not many young people to be seen out and about in Son en Breugel..


The new Mayor has an immaculate career in public administration behind her, apart from a faux pas: a tweet she posted about six years ago. When theme park De Efteling was discredited because of the alleged racist theme behind its attractions, Otters-Bruijnen tweeted a photo of her dessert: ‘white custard with negro kisses’.* It was intended to support the Efteling, but it was not to everyone’s liking. The tweet brought Otters-Bruijnen a lot of comments. Both negative and positive comments, by the way.

Brainport Region

Son en Breugel has both the green village character and the economic activity. A versatility that Otters is proud of. “This gives Son en Breugel something unique. I am from Waalre myself, also a municipality with an active club life and a clear link to the Brainport Region. The success of this region is the cooperation between the various municipalities. If we can be in touch with each other and together achieve the things we want to achieve with regards to the societal challenges, that is wonderful”.

* Before 2005, the offensive name ‘Negroes’ kisses’ was used for a certain type of  confectionary. Since 2005, they have been called ‘Chocolate kisses’, or simply ‘Kisses’. Explanation added by Greta for EN, with apologies.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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