Children’s parade with lots of music moves through downtown

Children's music parade
Photo credit: Studio040

Music, dance, singing and colorful outfits. Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is holding a children’s music parade on Sunday 2 April, right through downtown.

All of Eindhoven’s music societies will walk in a big parade through the city that day. Through music, dance, song and outfits, all countries of the world will be represented. The parade is inspired by the ‘Turkse wereldkinderdag’ (National Sovereignty and Children’s Day). The organisation expects a participation of hundreds of children.

Open stage
From 18 Septemberplein, participants will walk to Muziekgebouw. There is an open stage where various associations will give performances.

Besides the Eindhoven musical associations, the international street theatre group Close-Act will also participate. This group creates street shows that take place in, between and above the audience. The group originated from a collaboration between actors, designers, choreographers and musicians.

Close-Act performing

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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