Anger around construction route Wasven: ‘Trees did not have to be cut’

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The construction route through the Wasven for the new construction of the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum is causing a great deal of dissatisfaction among local residents, while city politicians seem to be unaffected. Stichting Beter Eindhoven is not pleased with the municipality’s actions.

The construction route for the new building of the school must run through the Wasven, to the dissatisfaction of local residents, according to whom alternative routes are more suitable. Among other things, it led to a petition that was signed more than 1200 times.

Nevertheless, Eindhoven stood its ground and immediately sawed down a number of trees that had to make way for the construction route. At the council meeting on Tuesday evening, this led to questions from the Party of the Animals regarding why the municipality sawed down the trees, while the court still has to rule on the granting of permits for the construction route?

Breeding season

Alderman for Climate and Greening Rik Thijs gave several reasons for this. “We wanted to cut down before the breeding season so that nature is affected as little as possible by the work,” Thijs said. Moreover, the court procedure only became known to the municipality at a late stage, says Thijs, before it became known there was no reason not to make preparations for the construction of the route.

Night work

“The provision was submitted on Monday evening at 11:30 p.m.,” says Thijs. “The work started at 07:00 on Tuesday. In the meantime I have not checked my mail. When it became known that the court was going to court, we immediately communicated with the contractor, but the damage was already done by then.”

Suzanne Udo of Stichting Beter Eindhoven disapproves. “It was only announced to us at the beginning of March that the permit application had been approved by the municipality. A letter was sent about this on March 6. We then had to submit a notice of appeal to the court, but it takes a while before something like this is drawn up. You also have to sit down together for that. In the end, we submitted it on time,” says Udo.

Tree felling

Moreover, Udo does not believe that the trees were beyond saving at 7.30 am. “The work did indeed start at 07:00 in the morning. At 7.30 am the chairman of the neighborhood association came to take a closer look. He also told the contractor that there was a court order and that the hood had to be stopped.”

At that time, two of the three trees were not yet so damaged that they still had to be felled. “Absolutely not,” says Udo. “I’ve seen pictures of it. The birch was not affected at all. The Oak did have a small nick in the bark, but nothing it wouldn’t recover from. I have a very bad feeling about this way of working,” says Udo.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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