Eindhoven Region wants 40 million euros for social cohesion

Metropolitan Region Eindhoven (MRE), in which Eindhoven collaborates with 20 other municipalities in the Southeast Brabant region, wants 40 million euros from the government. That money is to be used to improve social cohesion in the region.

The Brainport region is doing well economically, but too many people are not benefiting from this. To improve social cohesion in the region, the MRE wants to receive 40 million euros from The Hague in the fifth application round of the regional deal.


According to MRE, this money is desperately needed. Many people in the region have relatively little contact with family and friends and little trust in others. There are also  relatively few people doing volunteer work, there is little connection between people of different generations and backgrounds and people rarely meet each other in the street. As a result, the region scores high on loneliness.

Meeting places

With the money, the MRE wants to create more places where different groups in society can meet each other and relax and spend time together. Investments must be made in libraries, cultural facilities and sports facilities in districts and neighbourhoods.

Investments must also be made in the development of residents of the region, with extra attention to special education in the region for young people with autism – a group that is relatively large in the region, the MRE says.

80 million

The MRE wants to invest a total of 80 million euros in the region; a condition of the regional deal is that the amount that the government contributes is doubled by the municipalities involved. It remains to be seen whether the MRE will actually receive the requested amount.

“Many other regions in the Netherlands have also submitted an application. So, it really remains to be seen whether and, if so, how many resources we will be allocated”, Stijn Steenbakkers says on behalf of the MRE.


In February 2024 the MRE will learn whether they will receive the money, after which the projects to which the money will go must be further developed. The regional deal will be finalised at the end of 2024 and the MRE municipalities can start realising the projects.

Source: Studio040
Translated by: Yawar Abbas

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