Dog tax in Brabant

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Veldhoven levies a tax of 90.20 euros per dog whereas Eindhoven charges a tax of 84 euros for the first dog, which is half of what people pay in the Hague. Tilburg and Den Bosch are the municipalities with the highest dog tax in Brabant. In 2014,  33 of the 56 Brabant municipalities levied dog tax. 

Not all cities in the Netherlands have a dog tax. Amsterdam ended its dog levy in 2017, Rotterdam in 2018, Rijswijk in 2019, Breda in 2020, Delft in 2021, Groningen in 2022 and Utrecht in 2023. In fact, less than half of the country’s 355 municipalities still impose a dog tax.

Recently, the website analysed the dog fines in North Brabant. This includes fines for leaving dog poop behind or not keeping the dog on a leash. The figures are based on CJIB data.

By far, the largest share of dog fines was issued in Oosterhout: no less than 44.6 per cent of all fines in the province were for residents of this municipality. After Oosterhout, dog owners were also often fined in Tilburg and Valkenswaard. Tilburg residents received 17.3 percent of all fines, while residents of Valkenswaarden contributed 4.8 percent of the total.

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