TU/e wants to grow; needs extra budget from The Hague

TU/e wants to grow with The Hague budget
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The Eindhoven TU wants to recruit many more students and continue to grow. But that requires a lot of money from The Hague, for example to solve the housing problem. Board chairman Robert-Jan Smits emphasized this again on Monday afternoon during the opening of the academic year.

“It is unfortunate that students come to Eindhoven and then there are not enough housing units. We don’t want that. It has to remain livable for them. So we therefore say that we would like to welcome more students, but then there has to be money. For the region and the tasks that lie ahead and for the university”, Smits said.

Housing shortage

The housing shortage among students remains, despite the realisation of many new rooms. The TU/e is popular. Over the past decade, the number of students doubled to 13,000. And it won’t stop there, if it is up to Smits. “That number can double again, but not without additional budget from The Hague”.

Monday marked the kickoff of the new academic and scientific year. In addition to Smits, former politician Diederik Samsom and ASML top executive Peter Wennink were also invited to speak.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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