Nuenen model embraces her curves: ‘I am myself now’

Nuenen model moves to her next level Picture source: Eunice van Ekert

She was sixteen when Eunice van Ekert from Nuenen won the world-famous modelling competition Elite Model Look. She beat 850 other candidates and suddenly her life was completely turned upside down. Now, almost two years later, her suitcase is ready for international assignments in Europe and New York as a curvy model.

The competition is organised annually by world-renowned modelling agency Elite Models. Famous names like Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bünchen and Naomi Campell were previously discovered by Elite. “It was an experience to remember,” Eunice looks back. “I learned a lot from it, but I was still very young and there was an awful lot coming at me.”

The world of catwalks and photo shoots is hard work and the utmost is demanded of a model. Size 34 is still very normal. Always careful about diet, losing weight and exercising hard, only to be rejected because her measurements did not meet the impossibly high demands made life hard for Eunice.  It was tough to meet the extremely high beauty standards.

Hips and breasts

“I am predisposed to be a bit wider,” she explains. “When I started, I was a high fashion model, so I was expected to be very slim. But that just doesn’t suit me. I had quite a hard time with that.”

Photo source Eunice van Ekert

So it was time to reconsider. “I wanted to get a clear idea of where wanted my career to take me. What would make me genuinely happy? After talking to my inner circle and my sports coach I decided to change tack and to register as a curvy model. I do have hips and breasts and let’s be honest, that makes me normal. I also want other boys and girls to see that. You are fine the way you are.

Strong portfolio

Eunice is now on the books of modelling agencies in The Netherlands, Germany and New York. “I built a strong portfolio here and take this to clients abroad. I hope I will soon get a phonecall for my first international assignment”, she smiles.

Now that her curves are her asset, everything falls into place. Her 38/40 size reflects the average western woman seamlessly. No longer ultra thin, just ‘normal’.

She will continue to make informed choices in diet and exercise to stay in shape.  “Don’t think a curvy model can eat whatever she likes, for it is vital to have healthy skin and to feel good. For me this feels much more natural and feminine, for I am really myself now.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani and Greta Timmers

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