Metal Factory prepares metalheads for music industry

Metal Factory
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The Eindhoven Metal Factory is the only metal music training course in the Netherlands and has been around for ten years. During the course, students learn everything it takes to make it as a metal music professional. “This is really cool”.

The course celebrated its tenth anniversary in July. Although music courses already existed in the Netherlands, there was no institution specifically for this genre. Metalheads from all over the country, and even outside the Netherlands, now come to Eindhoven for the training.


During the training, attention is not only paid to the music, but also to everything else involved in the music industry. “In pop music, breaking through means becoming world famous, but in more alternative music, breaking through means making it your job in the long term”, teacher Kevin Quilligan says. Students therefore also learn other things to make it in the industry. “When I came here, I naturally wanted to become famous”, second-year student Bas says. “But once you come to the training, a world opens up for you. You will learn about the work as a stage manager and how to organise events. That’s what I’m going for now, to become a professional musician”, he explains.

Metal capital

The training is provided by Summa College and the lessons are given at Dynamo. Eindhoven has been the metal capital of Europe since the 1980s, thanks to festivals such as Dynamo open air and the annual Metalfest. That is why the city was the logical choice for the metal training. Student Niels is from Flevoland. “It’s a completely different way of teaching here”, he says. “It’s very cool, you get a lot out of it”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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