ASML to fund increased technology lessons for primary schools

ASML village
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ASML plans on expanding their project with technology lessons for primary school students. The Veldhoven chip machine manufacturer received the grant for lessons for 180,000 students.

More than a year ago, ASML kicked off the project in collaboration with Mad Science, which provides the lessons. Last school year, almost 19,000 children took part in lessons, spread across 58 primary schools in the Eindhoven region.

Rest of the Netherlands

With the expansion of the project, children in the rest of the Netherlands will soon also be offered technology lessons. The goal is to reach 180,000 students within the next three school years.

Technology education

The lessons are given for students from group 1. The ultimate goal is to bring more children into contact with technology. This still happens relatively rarely. As a result, talent is discovered less quickly, according to ASML. The company is growing rapidly and is expected to need many new employees and technical talent in the coming decades, at all levels.

According to the ED, ASML will set aside 13 million euros for the project in the near future.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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