Students understand the cancellation of air travel

Students understand cancelling flights
Photo credit: Stedelijk College/Studio040

The students of Van Maerlantlyceum understand the fact that high school bans travelling by plane. Reason: damage to the climate. “We’re going by bus now. That’s fine”.

“Ultimately you also have to stand for your own principles”, Alexia Dirksen, director of Van Maerlantlyceum in Eindhoven, explains. “Our principles are that we want to raise our generation with awareness about sustainability”.

A small number of students are disappointed that air travel has been cancelled, but Dirksen sees that there is also understanding. “I understand, it’s bad for the environment. Although these are moments that students look forward to”, a student from the school says.

Magnifying glass

Other schools in Eindhoven still offer air travel, but want to look at it more closely. The Stedelijk College (municipal college) is an example of this. The school has internationalisation as a spearhead. For example, a trip to Indonesia is planned for next year. “I really like it, the climate honestly doesn’t matter to me”, one boy says. “I would like to go abroad, because I have not been abroad often”, another student says.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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