Cancelled buses in Eindhoven

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Many Hermes bus rides were cancelled on Sunday. Hermes has been struggling to complete its timetable for some time but Sundays in the holidays pose an extra big challenge.

Exactly how many rides are down is not clear, Twitter account EindhovenOV reports that in some places 80 per cent of rides are down.

Carrier Hermes cannot confirm those figures, but acknowledges that there are certainly problems. “We always try to run all services, but as we know, we are struggling with staff shortages. This is a national problem, but it plays out even more in this region than anywhere else,” says a company spokesperson.

“On Sundays, especially in the holidays, we face an extra big challenge,” says the spokesperson. “Moreover, we have recently reached new collective bargaining agreements, which means we can drive fewer shifts with the same staff.”

Due to the outages, Hermes advises travellers to check the online timetable before setting off.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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