Talk show about being young in Eindhoven

Eindje van de Week
Photo credit: Rogier Overvliet/Studio040

Young in Eindhoven, that’s this week’s topic of conversation in Eindje van de Week (end of the week), Studio040’s talk show. Six guests this time. The young people themselves have their say, but also those Eindhoven citizens who help young people in difficult times.

You can watch the show with English subtitles.

The guests this time are Pleun Himpens and Cynthia Ronde, who are active at Humanitas. This organisation supports young people in the city who are struggling. Also joining is Deborah Restiau-Lit. She is a youth worker in Woensel and tries to prevent teenagers from going the wrong way.

Also on hand is urban sportsman Vinay Mpiana, who encourages young people to go freerunning. Selim Haase joined the talkshow too, a documentary filmmaker and music producer who picks young people off the streets to work as actors. Saar van Suchtelen also tells her story, an Eindhoven teenager who notices that quite a few young people struggle with mental problems.

Watch the show with subtitles in your language

You can watch the broadcast here. It is in Dutch but below the video, in settings, you can use the subtitle button.
(Click the settings icon below the video- click Subtitles- click Dutch- click Subtitles- click Automatic translation- choose the language for your subtitles.)

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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