Asylum seekers and tight labour market

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The labour market is crying out for staff, yet a group of asylum seekers are unemployed at home. That needs to change, says Ouderen Appèl. The political party wants to make more and better use of the talents and skills of asylum seekers. That is why OAE has submitted a motion.

Every year, people seeking asylum in the Netherlands come to the region. According to the political party, these asylum seekers bring along talents and skills. However, that expertise remains untapped, while employers in a number of sectors are diligently looking for employees.


That is why OAE wants asylum seekers with the right competences to be linked to employers. To this end, the municipality must set up a talent management system to get a better picture of the talents.

In recent years, many newcomers have successfully found their place in the region. The council members also refer to lawyer Mpenzu Bamenga and independent entrepreneur Mauro.

The motion will be discussed in the city council on Tuesday 11 July.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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