Turkish elections in Eindhoven

Turkish elections in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is one of the four cities where people can vote for the parliamentary elections in Turkey this year. For three days there have been long queues in front of the Van der Valk Hotel where Dutch Turks cast their votes.

“It is a bigger turnout than in recent years,” says a young woman who has been standing in line for an hour. “It’s a very important election, it’s about the future of the country.”

Neck and neck race

The election is a neck-and-neck race between current president Erdogan and opposition leader Kilicdaroglu. “I think the turnout is so big because this is the first time in 20 years that an opposition party can win,” says a young man. He had also come the day before, but because the queue was so long, he decided to come back on Monday. “But that didn’t matter.”

The fact that it will be an exciting election is also reflected in the opinions of those waiting in line. The voices diverge. “I think it’s important to vote for my family who lives there,” says a man. “I only come there three weeks a year, but I want to help them in this way. They support Erdogan,” he explains. “I know how the situation is for people in Turkey. I want to change that,” says the young woman. who votes for the opposition. The situation in Turkey is the reason she left. “I want to be able to go back someday.”


“I had expected the crowds,” says a man. “If Turkey votes, the whole world will be watching.” Last weekend, people waited for more than two hours. It is the first time that it is possible to vote in Eindhoven. It is a centrally located place; in the previous elections people still had to go to Antwerp. “I hope it is a success,” says one of the volunteers. “So that next time we can go to a bigger location.”

The elections in Turkey are on May 14.

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani


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