Baby boom in Mierlo

Birth wave in Dierenrijk
Photo Credit: Pixabay, Ray Shrewsberry

This spring fifteen young animals have already been born at Dierenrijk in Mierlo. Nine polar foxes, three ibex, a wallaby, and a reindeer saw the light of day.

The zoo says that the animals are doing well. In a week the foxes will be checked by the veterinarian and it will be clear whether they are males or females. Then they may take their first steps outside the nest.


A young wallaby is also born. This animal is born after a gestation period of only five weeks. The three ibexes are from two different mothers. Both the reindeer and the young ibex are females.

In the enclosure with the Humboldt penguins, a chick has hatched. It is the first egg to hatch this year. Currently, several more pairs are incubating.

Source: Studio040

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