Neighbours divided over arrival asylum shelter Nuenen

place for new asylum shelter Nuenen
Photo credit: Nuenen Municipality

Residents living near the proposed site for a new asylum shelter in Nuenen are divided over the plans. They like the fact that the municipality is taking its responsibility, but the neighbourhood also fears nuisance.

On Saturday, the municipality announced the plans for the shelter. On a grass field near soccer club RKSV Nuenen, room will be provided for 200 refugees. Some residents think it is fine, others point out the possible inconvenience.

The shelter will be located near the soccer club, skate park and playground. Places where, according to residents, many children come. “Some asylum seekers may have a trauma or start hanging out in the parks out of boredom. My kids always bike to school by themselves along that field. Even after dark”, one resident says.

Some of the residents are also concerned about the number of places in the shelter. “I think it is good that Nuenen offers shelter, but I do wonder if there is enough room here for 200 asylum seekers”, a resident says. “Municipality and police are already short of staff. Also, it can take a long time for the police to arrive here”, another neighbourhood resident says.

Not everyone is against the arrival of the shelter. “Good idea”, one woman says. “There are not many places for refugees to go. If you are a refugee yourself, you also want a roof over your head and I think everyone deserves one”.

Next Wednesday there will be a private evening for residents. Then they can ask questions about the asylum shelter.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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