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Light lab at van Gogh Village Museum Nuenen
Photo credit: Van Gogh Village Museum Nuenen

It was closed for six months, but after its opening, the renovated Van Gogh Village museum in Nuenen is attracting a lot of attention. People come from far and wide to view the life of the Brabant master painter. Also Nuenen residents see a whole new museum which brings out, for some, a piece of childhood sentiment.

The former Vincentre has been expanded with an exhibition space and a new wing, and this has not gone unnoticed by visitors. “We are from Amsterdam ourselves and today is a day with bad weather anyway, so it was a good idea to visit a museum. Vincent van Gogh’s art has stolen my heart and here in Nuenen, of course, you see that emphatically reflected”, one of the visitors explained.

“I am originally from Australia and am now in the Netherlands for two months. My parents are Dutch and I therefore want to get to know better where my roots lie”, another woman told Studio040.

Nuenen residents
So international visitors, although Nuenen residents are also curious about the renovated museum. “I grew up in Nuenen, the film was for me a kind of recognition tour through my youth. I saw places in nature where I have been and where I played as a little girl”, one woman explained.

“I volunteer at the museum. I hadn’t been there yet after the renovation,” a man says. “It has become a real museum. Very spacious, lively and also challenging. When you come through the main hall, you can’t believe your eyes. It just looks like the old Van Gogh museum no longer exists. It is very impressive, especially the Light Lab created in collaboration with ASML. I have read that you need at least three hours to read and see everything, so this does invite you to come back,” said the volunteer.

Queen Máxima
Visitors agree and thus have nothing but praise for the revamped Van Gogh Village museum. Especially his life and painting techniques attract visitors’ attention. On 16 May, Queen Máxima will officially open the renovated Van Gogh museum. With the new renovation, the museum aims to grow to 40 thousand visitors a year.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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