Confidential Advisor course popular after scandals: ‘It’s a hot topic’

Confidential Advisor courses popular
Photo credit: Vanessa Spaanderman/Studio040

During the course to become a confidant, employees of municipalities and companies, among others, learn how to deal with transgressive behaviour in the workplace. The courses given in Best are extremely popular. And that is not without reason, after all the scandals in the national media.

Sebastiaan de Witte of the Landelijk Instituut Vertrouwenspersonen (national institute of confidants) has noticed that there is more demand for this course, which teaches participants how to deal with bullying and sexual harassment, among other things.

“Especially after all the rumours and circumstances surrounding The Voice television show, the demand has increased a lot. People have now started to recognise the wrong behaviour earlier and better”, De Witte says. The students are enthusiastic. “Men are also encouraged to take responsibility these days and that’s why I’m taking this course”, one of the participants said.

Five lessons
The course consists of five lessons. Afterwards, the participants receive a practical and theory test. When they have passed this, they can officially call themselves a confidential adviser. They also receive a legal registration.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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