Residents and shopkeepers happy with metamorphosis WoensXL: ‘It may start now’

Metamorphosis WoensXL
Photo credit: Studio040

For years there has been talk about the renovation of the WoensXL shopping centre in Eindhoven north. There are now more concrete plans, with 2,500 homes, more greenery and more space for catering. The city council will consider the plans this month.

Four years ago, entrepreneurs from the shopping centre already sounded the alarm. The centre had been struggling for a long time with lack of occupancy and a declining number of visitors. Last year, the municipality finally came up with a concept plan, and now it has become more concrete. “I think it should all start tomorrow, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in practice,” Arletta Metz, of the ByMetz store, says. She is, however, enthusiastic about the plans. “It can all be a lot greener, everyone feels better with more greenery”.


In addition to housing, there will also be space for social functions, such as culture, health care and education. The municipality also wants the shopping centre to be more accessible to cyclists and people who come on foot. Genovevalaan and Rooseveltlaan will be rerouted, but the shopping centre must also remain easily accessible for motorists.

More shops

Shoppers prefer to see more shops. “I think it’s a pity that the shopkeepers are leaving so en masse. I prefer to have more fun, affordable and varied shops”, a shopping visitor says. “A makeover can do some good, but I wonder if that will happen. It has been empty for a long time”.

Another visitor thinks that the homes and more catering will help. “More catering, more targeted shops and homes can do something. With more people, there might also be a bit more commotion here”, he says.

Yesterday the Eindhoven city council therefore considered the plans. After that it will take a while. There must be a construction plan in 2023 and it is estimated that it will take about 10 to 15 years to finish everything.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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