Ode to Eindhoven street preacher with new beer ‘Goeie Arnol’

Goeie Arnol, new beer named after Arnol Kox
Photo credit: Robbert of Twentytwo Tattoo/Studio040

Rabauw Brewery pays tribute to Eindhoven city preacher Arnol Kox with a new beer, called ‘Goeie Arnol’ (Good Arnol). “Despite the fact that he was not always understood by everyone, he was able to find his place in society”.

Gerry Diederen, Arnol’s widow, will receive the first can. “I was very surprised”, Gerry says. “It is a great initiative and I think Arnol would have found this very funny. It’s nice to hear that people still remember him”.

Rabauw wants to pay tribute to the city preacher with the beer. “In our brewery we offer a place to people with a weaker position in society. Arnol was not always understood by everyone and did not have an obvious place in society. Despite that, he was able to find his angle”, Joyce de Vaan, van Rabauw, says.

Tattoo artist Robbert of Twentytwo Tatto created the design of the can. “On the tin, Arnol is surrounded by well-known Eindhoven buildings such as Evoluon and Witte Dame”, Joyce says. “How exactly the design will look will remain a secret for a while, but Arnol will be prominently featured”.

The taste of the beer is striking. “It’s Wee Heavy. That’s an 8.4 per cent dark ale with a caramel-like flavour”.

First can
On Good Friday, Gerry will receive the first can at Brewpub Rabauw on Strijp-S. “I am very curious”, Gerry says. “Normally I never drink actually and when I drink it is 0.0. I’m so used to that, because Arnol couldn’t drive”.

Source: Studio040
Translated by: Bob


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