Bouncing up and down in old church

Air-filled fun in the church Picture credit: Studio040

Eindhoven has a new playground. In the old Heilige Hartenkerk in the Gestel district, children can now run, jump and do somersaults on air-filled contraptions.

Run up a wall, go down the slide in pairs and compete with friends to see who can tap luminous buttons the fastest. It’s all possible in the city’s first bouncy castle park, in a place where church services were previously held.

“The priest who used to do the services here lives here behind the building. He made sure that we were allowed to build our park here. Because of him we can offer this fun to the children. They really appreciate the park,” says Tom de Vente of the park.

Family outing

The new park is popular. “My children can play and I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee,” one of the parents responds. “It’s very big here and there’s lots to do. I’ll definitely come back again”, says a playing child.

Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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