Controversy over anti-discrimination poster

The anti-discrimination poster that led to discussion photo credit Marlies TCB on Twitter

There has been a commotion in Eindhoven about a campaign to combat discrimination on the housing market. A comparison is made between Erik and Annemarie who do get the key to their new house, and Omar and Samira who do not. The campaign has not gone down twell with the LPF and VVD.

It is written in small letters at the bottom of the poster that everyone deserves a fair chance to rent a house. Regardless of origin, sexual preference or religion. People are called upon to report discrimination.

‘Oil on the fire’

But the poster arouses indignation among opposition parties in Eindhoven. According to the VVD, ‘such a campaign polarizes instead of tackling the actual problem’. The largest opposition group tells the city council that it would be better to provide more homes instead of supporting such a campaign. The LPF wants the posters removed immediately. “Now status holders are given priority in social housing. This adds fuel to the fire”. Both groups have asked the mayor and aldermen for clarification.


The campaign is a national campaign of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Posters of this have been on display in Eindhoven since the end of November, the municipality says in response to questions. “As the municipality of Eindhoven, we support the intention and the objective of this campaign”.

“We stand for an inclusive society, in which there is no room for any form of discrimination or racism. For example, everyone deserves a fair chance at a home, but that is not self-evident in the private housing market”.

In addition, the municipality writes: “We find it annoying that the approach to discrimination, including in the private housing market, evokes negative reactions on social media”.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

Edited by Greta

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