Record number of visitors for preHistorisch Dorp

preHistorisch Dorp
Photo credit: preHistorisch Dorp/Studio040

The preHistorisch Dorp (prehistoric village) in Eindhoven received a record number of visitors last season. The counter came to a total of 72,000 guests.

That is an increase of forty per cent over last year. Although 2021 was a corona year, even then the preHistorisch Dorp as an open-air museum did not have to complain about visitor numbers.

Crowd pullers
Especially for the anniversary year, there were themes from different periods of history. Yvonne Lammers of the museum looks back. “The big crowd pullers were Heksia, the event for witches, and Vikingfest. That archaeology is alive and that there is a lot of interest in it was evident from the reactions of visitors after their visit to the new ArcheoFactory”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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