PvdA and GL: Eindhoven must show solidarity with Iranian protesters

Iranian protesters Eindhoven
Photo credit: Rene van Hoof/Omroep Brabant/Studio040

The Municipality of Eindhoven must actively show its support for demonstrators in action against the Iranian regime. Coalition parties PvdA (labour party) and GroenLinks (green left party) make this appeal to the city council.

Over a week ago, hundreds of Iranians and other sympathisers took action against the regime in Tehran on 18 Septemberplein. There were also protests in other cities in the Netherlands, following the unrest and mass demonstrations in Iran. For weeks now, Iranians in their own country have been taking to the streets against repression. They are demanding more freedoms.

Images the city
PvdA and GroenLinks believe Eindhoven should speak out on this issue. According to the parties, this can be done with symbolic images in the city, organising talks between involved groups or setting up programs around human rights and the Iranian situation.

Since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, protests in Iran have been very fierce. Amini was arrested for violating the dress code for women and did not survive. She did not wear a headscarf.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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