ATM store lets people pay cash again in Winkelcentrum Woensel

ATM store, cash money
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A new store full of ATMs opened in Winkelcentrum Woensel this week. It is the first ATM store in the Eindhoven region and people can visit it all day.

It is Geldmaat’s second ATM store in the province. Earlier this year one was opened in Tilburg and so now it is Eindhoven’s turn. “We find it very convenient. First people had to walk very far to withdraw their money and now that is no longer necessary. Especially for the somewhat older people it is very convenient, they still like to pay cash”, Erik Willems, of the shopkeepers association, explains.

The ATM store is also a godsend for entrepreneurs. Willems: “In the same store we can also deposit our cash. We no longer have to go to an ATM somewhere in the back, but just here in the shopping center. That feels a bit safer”.

Wide opening time

There are seven ATMs in the store and space to count the money and then take it out. “It’s very convenient, sometimes the machines at Albert Heijn or Primera have a breakdown and then you can’t withdraw money. Here one of the seven will always work”, one man says.

The store is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. “You’re no longer dependent on the times of the stores that have the machines in them. I sometimes wanted to withdraw money and then the supermarket was closed, now I can go when I want,” a woman explains.


According to the sticker on the façade, the store is secured with cameras and smoke and ink are released should there be a blast. Still, people in the neighbourhood are concerned. “There are people living above this store and especially in the winter months when it gets dark early, I think the chances are much higher”, one woman says.

“I’m not that worried. In an ATM, the money disappears from the machines so the thieves can’t take it. Besides, there are so many cameras. I don’t see that happening so quickly anyway”, Willems says.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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