Catharina Hospital Eindhoven gets additional building next to the main building

catharina hospital
Photo credit: Catharina Ziekenhuis/Studio040

The Catharina Hospital is going to construct a new building right next to the main entrance of the hospital. This new building will accomodate a sterilisation department, the hospital pharmacy and a large staff restaurant.

The new building will cost about 40 million euros. The building is to be completed by the end of 2023, the hospital says. The building will have four floors. It will be a multifunctional and sustainable facility. One of its functions will be the Central Sterilisation Department (CSA). In that department, materials used for operations and other treatments are cleaned and sterilised.


Moreover, the cleaning department is being robotised to a large extent. “Our surgeons use high-quality materials during their operations”, says Ralph van Wezel, who is responsible for the CSA. “Increasingly, robots support our surgeons. That requires something from our way of cleaning and sterilising the parts of this equipment. That is what we are sorting out for with these latest machines in this new CSA”, says Van Wezel.

This automation is also reflected in the new cleanrooms that will be built in the new building. “We also plan for future developments. Those cleanrooms are being prepared to enable the robotisation of certain repetitive actions in the future.”


In addition, the new CSA uses water more economically. “Our current procedure uses a great deal of water to clean and sterilise medical instruments. With new equipment we can work smarter and therefore more sustainably”, says Van Wezel.

Finally, there will also be a staff restaurant for the 4,500 hospital staff. A new office concept will be built on the upper floors, which responds to the increased number of hours that hospital support staff work from home.


Translated by: Yawar Abbas

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