Extra homes at former Philips headquarters

Housing at Philips Headquarters
Photo credit: Studio040

There will be additional housing around the former Philips head office on  Boschdijk, Eindhoven. Housing corporation Trudo has purchased land for this purpose.

It is about 13,000 square metres, at the front of the old office building. It is not yet clear how many homes will be built, and for which target group. “It will be more than a hundred in any case. We are thinking of social housing and medium-rent housing”, Trudo director Theo van Kroonenburg says.

It is possible that they will be multi-storey apartment complexes. “But we can’t really go up into the sky. This obstructs the view of the old Philips office from Boschdijk. That is a monument”.

New neighbourhood

The former Philips building is already being redeveloped by Bekke & Partners from Eindhoven and Ten Brinke from Helmond. Those property developers are still brooding over a final destination, probably housing. Next to the tall building, the new Vredeoord neighbourhood has already sprung up in recent years.

Van Kroonenburg cannot say whether the site will be given a reference to Philips in the near future. “Maybe a name that refers to the past. That would not be a bad idea. But we haven’t thought about that yet”.

Trudo expects the homes to be ready in 2025.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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