Increased health insurance costs in 2022

Health insurance
Health insurance Picture Credit: Healthcare for internationals

In 2022, the costs for health insurance will increase on average by around 3%. Therefore, many people who are not satisfied with their current insurance policy or provider will be considering changing their health insurance.

Healthcare for internationals network has published an extensive newsletter to provide guidance for those who are considering a change in policy or provider.

In the Netherlands, basic health insurance is mandatory for all residents who have a job. International students need to have private health insurance since they are not eligible for insurance provided by the government. The basic insurance covers costs towards general doctor visits, medicines, and emergency hospital care. The policy requires payment of a monthly premium which is based on a basic plan and personal requirements.

Cost increase

Recently, all insurance providers have announced their new premium costs for next year. There has been an increase of around 3% compared to 2021 costs. This means that an average premium will go up by at least 3 euros per month, with some going up by as much as 8 euros.

The Healthcare for internationals newsletter summarises the options and costs involved in health insurance. It also gives guidance for those who may be considering a change in policy for financial reasons, and for those who are unhappy with the service of their provider, or coverage of their existing policy.

Make changes to insurance before 31 December

Getting the right health insurance depends on personal and family circumstances. From now until the end of the year, it is possible to look for a better deal. Changes or cancellations of policies are possible until 31 December. If cancelled, a new health insurance policy needs to be taken out before 1 February 2022 which will apply retroactively from 1 January.

Full details can be found in the Healthcare for internationals Newsletter Health Insurance 2022.

Source: Healthcare for internationals network


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