Residents unhappy about District-E plans

The Student Hotel

Local residents and entrepreneurs have expressed discontent with municipal plans to transform Eindhoven into a small metropolis.

As plans for District-E, a renovation of Stationsplein in the city centre, enter a new phase and more details of the project come to light, locals are worried about sacrificing too much of their living space.

Linda Thijsens, manager of d’n Hertog cafe opposite the central station, represents 35 entrepreneurs in the area. Plans for a bicycle shed opposite her business premises will mean she loses two thirds of her terrace, approximately forty square metres.

“Ten months out of the year I need that space badly. For carnival, for GLOW, for all kinds of events. Especially with the pandemic, that outdoor space has become very important. Now that space is being taken away from me and the project developer is creating a nice space for a new catering business”, says Thijsens.

Joost van Hoof lives in an apartment on Stationsplein that once had a panoramic view of the station and the surrounding area. But now, he’s surrounded by large construction sites.

“It doesn’t suit the city of Eindhoven at all”, says van Hoof.

Other local residents, already faced with the Student Hotel building from their balconies and windows, are less than happy at the prospect of more high-rise buildings.

“I want them to scrap one of those three buildings”, van Hoof says, referring to the apartment buildings scheduled for construction as part of District-E.

Source: Studio040

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