This is Veldhoven pool’s new name

An artist's impression of the new swimming pool complex. Photo credit: Gemeente Veldhoven/Studio040

The name of the new swimming pool and the existing sports hall in Veldhoven has been announced.

The new sports centre will be called City Sport Veldhoven. Councillor Daan de Kort likes the name. “It’s a nice result from the many entries.”

“The sports complex is part of the city centre, the heart of Veldhoven. The name ‘City Sport’ makes that connection. The name fits in with a modern, sporty municipality that’s home to people of many different nationalities.”

Eva Schouten Hernandez submitted the winning name. She’s won an annual swimming pool subscription. More than 700 Veldhoven residents voted in the competition. Half of them voted for ‘City Sports’.

Not everyone is happy with the name. That’s evident by a petition from residents who wanted to keep the pool’s old name – Den Ekkerman. In the end, the selection committee saw no reason to ‘deviate from the proposed procedure’.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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