Teens ignore inflight anti-corona rules

This is what three youngsters refused to do consistently. (Photo just for illustration) Photo credit: Pixabay

Three 17-year-old boys refused to wear mouth masks during a flight to Eindhoven. The captain, therefore, called in the Dutch Military Police at Eindhoven Airport.

This concerns Ryanair’s flight FR788. It was a 1.5-hour journey from Bologna, Italy, to Eindhoven. An audio clip of the conversation between the captain and the air traffic controller has been posted to Twitter.

“We need the police,” you hear the captain saying. “They haven’t been wearing their masks for about 20 minutes. They’re using the excuse that they need to drink fluids; water or red bull. That’s, of course, not a valid reason.”

No fine

The Military Police were waiting for the trio when they arrived at the gate. “We spoke to the boys,” a Military Police spokesperson says. The boys got off light.

Since the cabin crew didn’t want to make an official report, they weren’t fined. Such a fine can amount to a few hundred euros. Despite the disturbance, the flight landed on time at the Eindhoven airport. 

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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