Eindhoven Airport travellers travelling carefree

Eindhoven airport
Photo Credit: Studio040

Eindhoven Airport is busy on the forecourt this Thursday afternoon. Travellers go on vacation without worrying about the coronavirus.

The airport is taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus. For example, wearing a mask in the terminal is mandatory and travellers must show a health certificate. However, some travellers decide to take their own measures: “I pay attention to the 1.5-meter distance anyway and have a small bottle of disinfectant.”

When asked whether they are afraid of being stranded abroad, people react differently. “Not really, because I still have a few days off. We will then arrange something to stay longer,” says a young traveller. Another traveller feels afraid: “We are only going to Greece for four days, but we do not hope that we will get stuck. If so, I will get into trouble with my work.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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