CAUTION: COVID-19 cases increasing

COVID 19 cases are on the rise again. According to reports from RIVM, the reproduction rate of COVID-19 is 1.29. That is, for every positive patient there is an increase of 1.29 number of patients. So what does that mean for us, residents?

Causes of an increase in the number of cases

Let’s take a look about why this happens. The Corona regulations eased since July 1, and from then, only physical distancing requisite and personal hygiene practices continue on the list of Corona regulations. Now there are three or perhaps four factors that could cause this soaring of new COVID-19 cases.

A. Easing of Corona regulations

Is this the result of easing most Corona regulations at the same time which gives a false sense of safety? Maybe this is a direct consequence of withdrawing most regulations at the same time rather than a more tapered approach. When such a sudden normalisation happens (and thanks to the weather and summer vacation) natural inflation of cases is unavoidable. How much of this is within the expected increase is something that would influence further actions.

B. Physical distancing

Are we following proper physical distancing? Is this even possible? And how much of the increase is the effect of physical distancing in public spaces as opposed to social distancing in private spaces? We keep hearing of house parties where there are more people than there should be in space good enough to practise proper social distancing.

Often, in discussions about house parties, a misleading notion surfaces that there is no limit to the number of people. Yes and no! There is no maximum number of people in homes, but there is urgent advice to always ensure that people can keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and that they can also observe hygiene measures.

C. Contamination clusters

The number of local clusters with more than two related infections is increasing. There are currently 96 active COVID-19 clusters in the Netherlands. The average size of these clusters is 5.4 persons (range 3-23). These infections mainly take place in the home situation, but in recent weeks there has been an increase in infections resulting from contact with other family, friends, parties, at work or the cafe.

D. Influence of testing

Since June 1, anyone who has a reason to get tested can do so. This testing facility is a welcome change though there are waiting periods for appointments. When ample testing is available, an expected surge in new cases is a natural reflection of the current situation. But the question is, how many people with mild symptoms get themselves tested? And how many people with symptoms refrain from going out? Recently various government bodies emphasise about following measures strictly.  If necessary, you can make an appointment for a corona test. It is essential to stay home until the test results are known.

COVID-19 advice from
Other health recommendations from the RIVM
  • Try to exercise for at least half an hour a day.
  • Eat healthy and varied with lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Drink no more than one glass of alcohol per day (and of course NIX18 ).
  • Now take the step and stop smoking. Check for help and advice.

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Beena Arunraj


Beena Arunraj, Features Editor-in-Chief

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