VR helps ease pain during dialysis

VR glasses, Catharina Hospital , dialysis
VR glasses help reduce patients pain while undergoing dialysis. Photo credit: Catharina Hospital

The Catharina Hospital participated in a study in which patients undergo dialysis treatment while wearing Virtual Reality (VR) glasses.

The VR experience is lifelike and helps reduce pain and anxiety. People with impaired kidney function receive dialysis several times a week. An artificial kidney then does the work that the patients own kidneys can no longer do. However, being connected to the dialysis machine causes considerable pain for many patients.

According to Josine Kamerling, Catharina Hospital’s Kidney disease and dialysis team leader, the VR glasses are of added value. “The virtual reality offers pain and anxiety relief while being connected to the device.”

Now permanent part of procedure

“Our patients undergo the procedure in peace. So, it helps us provide the best care. Our patients and we are delighted that we can now permanently offer this innovative service.”

Patients can decide what they want to see in VR. The choices include meditation, a walking tour, and various games.

Source: Studio040

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Editor: Melinda Walraven

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