Research into regional light rail network

Light rail network
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A study will be carried out into the possible introduction of a light rail network in the Eindhoven region. 

That is according to the Eindhoven City Council. This assurance is in response to a local parties’ proposal. “There is a clear need for this,” Councillor for Traffic, Monique List, says.

Our region is growing, and that affects accessibility in many ways. It is getting busier everywhere. On roads, railways, and cycle paths. That is why we need new, smart modes of transport. Light rail can certainly be an option.”

‘Good picture needed’

List wants to investigate whether a light rail network is feasible and affordable for the Eindhoven region. “We need to get a good picture of the costs and benefits. After such a study is concluded, we can also compare light rail with other forms of transport”.

Light rail is a combination of tram, underground rail, and train transport. It is quicker to stop at and pull away from stations than, for example, on train platforms. A rail network is particularly suitable in densely populated areas, such as the Rotterdam-The Hague region.

Not only Eindhoven would like to see such research. Political parties in Helmond also support the proposal.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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