Eindhoven is Brabant’s traffic jam capital

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Eindhoven is the traffic jam capital of the province of Brabant. Most traffic jams in Brabant are in and around this city. A half an hour drive takes almost seven minutes longer than in other cities in Brabant. 

This is according to a survey by TomTom Traffic Index. Especially in rush hour, the delay is longer: motorists travel for up to 13 minutes longer. Last year, motorists in Eindhoven spent an average of 101 hours (4 days and 5 hours) longer in traffic during rush hour than those in other parts of the province. In that time you can watch 58 PSV games.

The most significant bottlenecks in the city are Mecklenburgstraat, the Leenderweg/Piuslaan intersection, Keizersgracht, and Leostraat. On Tuesday, 22 January, Eindhoven residents spent the most time in traffic jams. A car journey of half an hour lasted almost 22 minutes longer that day.

Eindhoven ranks tenth in the Netherlands. Behind this city, you will find Breda and Tilburg. At number one is Leiden. Drivers there take an average of 18 minutes longer on a half-hour drive. Other busy cities are Amsterdam, The Hague, and Nijmegen.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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