Tunnel full of Eindhoven faces

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Photo credit: Studio040

On Tuesday, an art project entitled 21 faces’  was unveiled. This is a joint effort between the Centrum voor de Kunsten Eindhoven (CKE, Eindhoven Centre for Arts) and photographer, Maarten Coolen. For this project has pictures of people from Eindhoven have been placed in a city tunnel.

The so-called Frietkoning, Martin Swerts, for example, has a place on the wall. The photos of 21 ‘special Eindhoven citizens’ were unveiled on Tuesday. They can be found in the tunnel between the central station and the Beursgebouw.

With the photos, the CKE wants to cheer up the city and show it’s personal side. “These are inhabitants who contribute something. We deliberately did not choose real celebrities from Eindhoven. That would make it less personal”, Wikke Peters of the CKE, says.


The photos were taken by 17 amateur photographers. They were commissioned to photograph the people of Eindhoven as characteristically as possible. The photos really express their emotion. According to photographer Jacques Splint, this creates a ‘raw, but also happy image’.

Jacques is one of the amateur photographers and he is proud of the result. “It is wonderful to see this. It gives a great feeling to see your own work in the tunnel in this way. The pictures are also very nice.”

The photos also serve to create a safer feeling in the tunnel. “The moment someone notices that real attention has been paid to this tunnel, it gives a safer and more familiar feeling. We hope that people will feel good in this tunnel”, Peters concludes.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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