City want to clamp down on greedy care providers

Eindhoven City Council
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The Municipality of Eindhoven no longer want to work with health care institutions that make substantial profits. If that does happen, the Municipality wants to be able to terminate contracts. 

A large majority of the City Council agreed to this on Tuesday evening. The initiative came from several political parties. These include the PvdA, D66, SP, GroenLinks, and 50Plus. Renate Richters, Eindhoven’s Councillor for Health and Welfare, agreed to the proposal. She stated, however, she would only be able to indicate the maximum profit percentages at a later stage.

The City Council debated, among other things, the conditions for young people and the disabled obtaining health care from 2021 onwards. This discussion included the rules the Municipality can impose on the institutions that have to provide the care.

Money must go to the right place

In recent years, it has become clear that care providers who have contracts with the Municipality made substantial profits, while good care was not always provided. “That must end. We do not want the money to end up with administrators instead of people who need care”, PvdA Councillor, Marjolein Senden, says.

The Municipality would like the new conditions to provide more certainty, especially for children in foster families in Eindhoven. Currently, these children are often forced to move from family to family or shelters. Politicians have tabled a motion to try to put a stop to this.

“These are vulnerable children who become stressed when their home situation keeps changing. The Municipality, together with youth care providers, must come up with a plan to prevent unnecessary relocations”, Murat Memis, SP’s Chairman, says.

Must be set for several years

This peace of mind must also be offered when it comes to giving care indications. At the moment, an annual support indication is given for foster children. The political parties want this to be set on a multiannual basis. Memis: “This will reduce stress and uncertainty.”

Richters agrees with the City Council’s requests, but cannot promise anything. “Whether or not children have to move frequently is not up to us. That is up to the providers. But I will take it into account in my conversations with the care institutions.”

The Municipality ultimately wants to deal with fewer care providers. The City Council mainly wants to do work with larger institutions, especially when it comes to complex care. In this way, Richters intends to gain more control over the care provided. This concerns the costs as well as the quality of the care.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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