Three wounded in a shooting in Veldhoven

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Image source: (G Altmann)

Last night three men were injured in a shooting. It all happened around a quarter past ten in the neighbourhood of Houtwal in Veldhoven.

Around 2215 the police received a message that shooting was taking place near the Houtwal.

Several shots were fired during a chase involving two cars. The cars collided on the Traverse and they came to a halt. After that several persons were thought to have fled on foot from the cars. The police found one injured man at that spot.

Moments later, a car was found on the Heerbaan in Veldhoven with an injured man. Both the car and the man appeared to have been involved in this incident.

The same evening, three men reported to the police station in Veldhoven. One of them had a gunshot wound. All three wounded were taken to the hospital for treatment by the ambulance.


Exactly what happened is not yet clear. Police have opened a major investigation into the shooting incident. It seems that two groups of men were involved in a confrontation, but much is still unclear about the circumstances and the cause of the incident. The entire crime scene was searched by a sniffer dog for weapons and spent cartridges. The police are investigating three locations in Veldhoven after the shooting incident. The police are also calling on any witnesses who may have information about the crime.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Nicole Cullinan

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