Night of the Night 2019 – City of Light in the dark

Various companies in Eindhoven, including Philips, and the High Tech Campus turned off their lights on Saturday. They did this as part of the 15th edition of Night of the night. It was to draw attention to global warming, energy-saving and light pollution. Night of the night is an initiative by nature and environmental federations.

In addition to Philips and the High Tech Campus, NXP, TMC, Shimano, Brunel and Signify also took part in the initiative. According to activists, the Netherlands is one of the most lit up countries. This results in large CO2 emissions. That is why the Eindhoven companies have united under #stapindegroenerichting (#astepinthegreendirection). And as evidence of their commitment to this cause, they joined the national Night of the Night campaign.

The organizers of Night of the night hope that individuals, companies and municipalities will switch to sustainable lighting and reduce light usage, especially if and when it is not needed.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Nicole Cullinan

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