Next year’s ‘Horse and Hunk’ calendar released

Images from next year’s ‘Horse and Hunk’ calendar were released yesterday. The calendar is created every year to raise money for animal charities. This year, two men from Brabant were amongst the models.

Money raised from the calendar sales will go to Brooke Hospital for Animals, a foundation dedicated to providing medical assistance for workhorses and donkeys.

René and Koen

Two of the calendar’s stars are René Driessen from Eindhoven and Koen Schetters from Steenbergen. René’s cousin encouraged him to pose for the calendar. For Koen, it started as a joke. ‘My girlfriend saw a post on social media, asking men to do a shoot with horses. She jokingly tagged me. That’s how the ball started rolling,’ he says.

Koen and René are both models, but modelling with horses was a new experience for both. ‘It was a shock to have such a large and powerful animal next to you,’ says Koen. ‘For my photo, I had to put my whole head against the horse’s head,’ he continues.

For René, it was also a unique experience. ‘Doing a shoot with horses is definitely difficult because it is hard to steer them in the right direction. But it was cool to do,’ he says.

‘There is still a horse to look at’

The calendar’s creator, Fianne Imminga, is happy with the end result. ‘Our models are very diverse. Some of the men are professional models, but we also have a number of hunks with no experience. There is a nice man in every photo. But if you don’t like the man, there is still a horse to look at.’

The Brabant models’ families are also happy with the calendar. ‘Everyone in my family has a copy in their house,’ Koen laughs. ‘My family see me in campaigns and in photos more than in real life, so they are used to it by now. My mother is very proud of me,’ says René.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Rachael Vickerman

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